Supported Versions of MYLAPS Orbits

RaceHero® supports Orbits 4 SP3+ and X2/Orbits 5.1+.

If you are running an earlier version than Orbits 4 SP 3 the upgrade is free and easy.

If you need to check your version of Orbits choose the "Help" menu then click "About Orbits" (see below).

If the release you have is v4 SP3 or newer (released after July 24, 2012) you are good to go. If not, upgrade MYLAPS Orbits by clicking the button below.

Upgrade your MYLAPS Orbits

RaceHero® Relay for MYLAPS Orbits 4/5 is optimized and packaged with Excelsior JET

MYLAPS Orbits is a registered trademark of MYLAPS Sports Timing.